Health & Wellness

5 Easy Ways to Get in Back to School Mode

By on 08/22/2017
To reduce stress, start easing into school routines now and follow these tips.
Fitness & Nutrition

Build a Balanced Smoothie

By on 08/21/2017
Try this recipe from an Einstein nutritionist. It hits all the right nutritional notes for a healthful breakfast.
Health & Wellness

4 Eye Safety Tips for Watching a Solar Eclipse

By on 08/19/2017
Einstein's Dr. Vincent K. Young provides these eye safety tips for watching the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.
Fitness & Nutrition

Hot Outside? Serve Up Refreshing Watermelon Ice Pops

By on 08/17/2017
Frozen fruit pops are easy to make and fun to eat. These healthy, frozen snacks are made without an ice cream maker.
Fitness & Nutrition

Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Heart-Healthy, Diabetes-Friendly and Gluten-Free

By on 08/16/2017
These chocolate meringue ice cream sandwiches are light, sweet and super low calorie.
Diseases & Conditions

Colorectal Cancer Among Younger Adults: An Einstein Perspective

By on 08/15/2017
Research findings suggest the rates of colon cancer and rectal cancer are rising among young and middle age adults.