Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

“Mark’s Kids” Recognized as a Champion in Youth Employment

By on 12/15/2017
A program at Einstein Philadelphia is recognized for providing special needs high school students an opportunity to volunteer and receive vocational training.
Fitness & Nutrition

Christmas Pinwheels—for the Holidays or Anytime

By on 12/14/2017
With only five ingredients, this tasty appetizer recipe is fast and easy.

Young Stroke Survivor Rides Again

By on 12/14/2017
Sarah Tegtmeier, once a competitive rider, had a stroke in 2015. Now, the former MossRehab patient is working to regain strength and function through equine therapy.

Einstein Employees Give the Gift of Warmth During the Holidays

By on 12/13/2017
Adopt-a-Patient offers a way for employees who aren’t involved in day-to-day clinical care to make a big difference in the lives of patients.
Health & Wellness

Why You Need to Manage Chronic Stress

By on 12/13/2017
How to keep stress in check so it doesn’t affect your health.
Fitness & Nutrition

Stir Up Some Healthy Eggnog

By on 12/11/2017
Made with coconut milk and almond milk instead of unhealthy heavy cream, this eggnog lets you enjoy a holiday treat without guilt.