Broad Street Run

12 Things Only Broad Street Runners Know

By on 03/13/2017
  1. The different corrals at the starting line make you feel like a herd of animals. (via GIPHY)gif 1
  2. You have to wait forever to even start the race…then you have to run 10 miles. (via GIPHY)
    gif 2
  3. Runners have no shame when nature calls. (via GIPHY)
    gif 3
  4. Cell phone service is so unreliable. (via GIPHY)
    TIP: Download your music to your phone and designate a gathering spot for the finish line!
    gif 4
  5. Your friends and family come to cheer you on, but you can never find them. (via GIPHY)
    gif 5
  6. Drinking while running is harder than it looks. (via GIPHY)
    gif 6
  7. Your shoes get all sticky when you run past the drink stations.
    (via GIPHY)gif 7
  8. The local community comes together just to cheer you on!
    (via GIPHY)gif 8
  9. You can always count on the spectators for a high-five.
    (via GIPHY)gif 9
  10. Mile 8 is the most uneventful. You already passed the good spots and everyone else is waiting for you at the finish line. (via GIPHY)
    gif 10
  11. When you reach the stadiums and realize you’re not done yet…
    (via GIPHY)gif 11
  12. The finish line is absolute chaos. Your friends and family are lost in a sea of people and your legs are about to fall off. But there are pretzels! (via GIPHY)
    gif 12


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