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Are You Eating to Please Others?

By on 07/02/2015

Have you found yourself giving in to eating certain foods simply because you’re uncomfortable saying “no thanks”?

You may be a victim of food peer pressure. If you have had bariatric surgery, it’s especially important that you do not fall prey to this syndrome.

Here are some clues that you let others—and not your best judgment—affect your food choices:

  • You realize you are full, but the people around you are still eating, so you keep eating.
  • Everyone orders an appetizer and/or dessert, so you order one, too, to avoid being the odd one out.
  • As a dinner guest, you finish all the food on your plate to avoid appearing rude.
  • You are self-conscious that others will think you are wasting food (or you believe this yourself), so you clean your plate.

Rather than listening to your body’s signals, you wind up overeating, or eating the wrong foods, and not giving your body the respect it deserves.

Speak up! Modest statements such as “I’m not hungry,” “I’ve had enough” or “I’m trying to eat healthier” can work just fine. Practice this before you leave the house.

Send the bread basket back. If you wind up with a piece of pie, a bowl of chips, a bread basket or leftover food in front of you, remember that you’re in control. You can always set the fork down, keep your fingers in your lap or simply eat just a small portion. If you decide to partake, make sure it’s you driving the decision, not pressure from the outside.

Respect your body. What you put into your body matters. Don’t leave the table feeling stuffed, but satisfied that you made good decisions about the food your eat.



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