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Three Easy Ways to Get Kids Moving

By on 04/26/2018
These fun activities will get the whole family exercising.
Health & Wellness

Five Reasons Why Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

By on 04/25/2018
Need a reason to laugh? Here are five good ones.
Fitness & Nutrition

Zucchini Bread Recipe: A Healthy Baked Goodie for Any Time

By on 04/23/2018
Here's a healthy bread recipe that is low sodium.
Fitness & Nutrition

The Amazing Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

By on 04/20/2018
Enjoy these physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise.
Fitness & Nutrition

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Recipe is Easy and Heart-Healthy

By on 04/18/2018
Quick and delicious, this simple dish will become a weeknight favorite.