Jill Porter

Diseases & Conditions

Police Detective Saves a Life—By Donating a Kidney

By on 09/06/2018
Det. Brendan Dougherty describes the donation as just “a minor inconvenience.” But it had a profound impact on a friend's life.
Diseases & Conditions

Vaccines Safe and Save Lives—Still, Many Parents Decline

By on 08/24/2018
Some families continue to reject or postpone vaccinations, says Mayssa Abuali, MD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist at Einstein Philadelphia.
Health & Wellness

New at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery: Nitrous Oxide for Labor

By on 07/19/2018
The use of nitrous oxide up to and during delivery is a significant option for pain management.
Diseases & Conditions

Einstein Cardiologist Gets to the Heart of Radio Host’s Atrial Fibrillation

By on 07/18/2018
Sumeet Mainigi, MD, Einstein’s Director of Electrophysiology, remedies Steve Trevelise's irregular heartbeat.
Diseases & Conditions

Einstein Expert Comments on New Prostate Cancer Research

By on 06/13/2018
The research shows deaths from prostate cancer have stopped declining and the incidence of advanced disease has increased.