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Diseases & Conditions

Diseases & Conditions

Is Your Child a Healthy Weight?

By on 09/05/2017
The most prevalent pediatric chronic condition is childhood obesity. Einstein Healthcare Network pediatrician Brad Feldstein, MD, offers insights and tips.
Diseases & Conditions

Treating Asthma at School

By on 08/31/2017
It is important to tell your child’s teachers and other school staff about his or her asthma.
Diseases & Conditions

Colorectal Cancer Among Younger Adults: An Einstein Perspective

By on 08/15/2017
Research findings suggest the rates of colon cancer and rectal cancer are rising among young and middle age adults.
Diseases & Conditions

What You Need to Know About Glioblastoma

By on 08/07/2017
Phillies catcher Darren "Dutch" Daulton has died following a four-year battle with the most aggressive form of brain cancer. Here's the background on glioblastoma.
Diseases & Conditions

Breast Health Breakthrough for 50 Percent of Women

By on 05/25/2017
New procedure gives a much clearer and earlier inside view of tumors.
Diseases & Conditions

How Much Do You Know about Ticks and Lyme Disease?

By on 05/15/2017
It's the time of year when we begin to spend more time outdoors—time to look out for the little critters that carry Lyme Disease.
Diseases & Conditions

Answers to Your Questions About Lyme Disease

By on 05/08/2017
Einstein Healthcare Network infectious disease specialist Robert A. Fischer, MD, who has battled the disease himself, will field your questions about ticks and Lyme disease in a live chat on May 17, 2017.
Diseases & Conditions

Q&A: Can Trans-Fatty Acid Bans Improve Heart Health?

By on 04/28/2017
Trans-fatty acids are found in fast food and other food products. Einstein cardiologist Leandro Slipczuk, MD, explains why bans appear to help.
Diseases & Conditions

Einstein Expert Offers Insights on New Prostate Cancer Testing Proposal

By on 04/25/2017
Read this Q & A to learn how this proposal might affect men 55 to 69.
Diseases & Conditions

Is Your Ethnic Background Putting You at Risk for These Diseases?

By on 04/17/2017
Find out how your race or ethnicity may increase your risk for these diseases.