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Einstein Services

Помощь русскоязычным пациентам на северо-востоке

By on 10/30/2017
Отделение медицинского обслуживания престарелых людей Сети Здравоохранения Эйнштейна знает ответ на этот вопрос - Программа координации обслуживания русских пациентов на основе врачебной практики службы Prime Health на Бастлтон-авеню на северо-востоке Филадельфии.
Einstein Services

Celebrating the Marion-Louise Saltzman Women’s Center’s 20th Anniversary

By on 06/13/2017
The center is a renowned leader in women’s health care, and is particularly well-known for its pioneering approaches to breast health.
Einstein Services

Einstein Hosts Continuing Medical Education Liver Conference

By on 12/09/2016
The Einstein conference attracted more than 175 practitioners from the tri-state area.
Einstein Services

An Election Day Courtesy for Einstein Patients

By on 11/08/2016
Patient advocates at the network’s hospitals did what they could to help patients who asked for absentee ballot help.
Einstein Services

Answers to Your Plastic Surgery Questions

By on 08/29/2016
On Thursday, September 29, 2016, Jared Liebman, MD, who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery, will field your questions in an online chat.
Einstein Services

What You Might Not Expect When You’re Expecting

By on 08/10/2016
Ob/Gyns are advising pregnant women to be on the lookout for depression, not just after, but before the baby comes.
Einstein Services

Questions About Medicare?

By on 07/21/2016
Help is near at hand in the form of APPRISE, a free state health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries, and you can find it at Einstein.
Einstein Services

Einstein NICU Nurse Marks Baby’s Milestones

By on 05/20/2016
Einstein nurse Melissa Hewlitt understands firsthand what it's like to be the parent of a newborn in intensive care.
Einstein Services

Need Help? ‘Thank You For Calling 1-800-EINSTEIN’

By on 02/04/2016
Contact Center workers like solving problems. They respond to 3,000-plus queries every month.