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What Do You Know About Sleep?

By on 03/14/2018
Sleep is as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe. Find out more about sleep by taking this quiz.
Health & Wellness

Is Being Tired a Sign of Something Serious?

By on 03/08/2018
If you often feel sleepy, this is why it may be time to check for sleep apnea.
Health & Wellness

8 Poison Prevention Tips

By on 03/05/2018
Most poisonings are preventable. Here's how you can reduce the risk of poisoning at home.
Health & Wellness

Still a Stigma Associated with Weight-Loss Surgery, Einstein Survey Shows

By on 03/01/2018
Most Philadelphians would approve of a friend or family member getting bariatric surgery—so long as it isn’t themselves.
Health & Wellness

Help Kids Cope after School Shootings

By on 02/16/2018
These tips can help kids and teens deal with their fears and emotions following a tragic event.
Health & Wellness

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About CPR and Defibrillators?

By on 02/14/2018
Learn more by taking this quiz, based on information from the American Heart Association (AHA).
Health & Wellness

Here’s a New Idea for Valentine’s Day

By on 02/08/2018
Why not skip the heart-shaped trinkets and instead indulge your sweetheart with the gift of a healthier heart?
Health & Wellness

Take the Snow Sports Safety Quiz

By on 02/06/2018
Downhill skiing and snowboarding are popular winter sports, but they aren't without their risks.
Health & Wellness

Is this Flu Season Cause for Worry?

By on 01/30/2018
The flu is widespread in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Einstein infectious disease specialist Eric Sachinwalla, MD, provides answers.
Health & Wellness

Super Fan? Here’s the Root of All Your Rooting

By on 01/29/2018
Getting lost in the game should be something you cherish.