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Cherry Hill Teacher, Students Donate Surfboard for Persons with Disabilities

By on 06/18/2018
The surfboard will be used August 5 at the MossRehab-sponsored event They Will Surf Again.

When Words Fail Children, MossRehab Speech-Language Therapy Helps

By on 06/11/2018
Inside one child's therapy for childhood apraxia of speech, a neurological disorder that affects how kids form words and sounds.

“Being a Helper is in Me”

By on 05/21/2018
Inspiring stroke survivor and energetic MossRehab volunteer Maurice “Reese” Hicks receives top honors for service.

Fighting Back from a Traumatic Brain Injury

By on 04/10/2018
A 12-foot fall from a balcony left Jack Cavanaugh with serious disabilities. This week, he's being honored for his long struggle back and for his service to MossRehab.

New Concussion Blood Test: Your Questions Answered

By on 02/19/2018
Here is the reaction of Thomas Watanabe, MD, clinical director of the Drucker Brain Injury Center and director of the Stroke Center at MossRehab.

An A.C. Cop’s Fight to Survive and Inspire

By on 12/28/2017
Former Atlantic City police officer Josh Vadell, wounded in the line of duty, hopes his long, arduous and determined recovery will inspire others.

Young Stroke Survivor Rides Again

By on 12/14/2017
Sarah Tegtmeier, once a competitive rider, had a stroke in 2015. Now, the former MossRehab patient is working to regain strength and function through equine therapy.

Horticultural Society Honors MossRehab’s Sachs Conservatory

By on 11/14/2017
The conservatory earned distinction in the Flower & Specialty Garden category. It was one of 387 entries.

Sachs Conservatory Becomes a Haven for Endangered Monarch Butterflies

By on 09/18/2017
They serve as an opportunity for horticultural therapy—and hopeful reflection.

Meet Pender, the MossRehab Assistance Dog

By on 08/31/2017
Pender has more than 44 commands, and he assists his human—or in this case lots of humans—in living the life that they enjoy independently.