Let Service Dogs Do Their Jobs

By on 08/05/2015

Sure, they’re “nice doggies”—and to you or your little ones maybe it seems like they’re just “begging” to be petted.

Not true. Service dogs are doing important work, and if you distract them by approaching them, petting them, cooing to them, asking them for a paw-shake, or anything else that distracts services dogs from their jobs, you’re doing their owners a serious disservice.

Why? As incredibly smart as service dogs are, they can’t do two jobs at once. They can’t attend to the needs of their owners by opening doors, grabbing items off shelves, picking up dropped items, or any other tasks they’re trained to do if you’re diverting their attention.

So observe the proper etiquette: When a service dog is on the job, resist the temptation: leave it alone.

Learn more by watching this helpful video. (Share it, too!) And to learn more about disability etiquette or to be trained by experts, click here.




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