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Working to Dispel the Root Canal Myth

By on 03/14/2018
Betsy DeVos compared her confirmation hearings to getting a root canal. Einstein endodontist Frederic Barnett, DDS, counters that common misconception.

Praise for Einstein Dental Medicine’s Former Chairman

By on 11/27/2017
If you want to know all about Einstein Healthcare Network’s Department of Dental Medicine, look no further than Alan J. Borislow, DDS.
Health & Wellness

Halloween Tips to Sink Your Teeth Into

By on 10/25/2017
On Halloween, dentists go with the flow—with one important proviso: Don't forget to brush!

American Association of Endodontists Honors Dr. Frederic Barnett with Educator Award

By on 05/09/2017
"My goal has been to pay it forward the best that I could, every time that I could.”
Diseases & Conditions

Your Oral Health Says a Lot About Your General Health

By on 04/14/2017
If the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the mouth is a mirror of the body.