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Fitness & Nutrition

How to Exercise Outdoors during Allergy Season

By on 10/11/2018
You don't need to let allergies stop you from exercising outdoors this fall. Just follow these tips.
Fitness & Nutrition

6 Fitness Myths Exposed

By on 09/27/2018
The fitness world is full of misinformation. Much of this incorrect information can lead to disappointment, hold you back at the gym or may even lead to injury.
Fitness & Nutrition

What Parents Can Do to Raise Healthier Kids

By on 09/19/2018
Here’s how to motivate your kids to be more active so they stay healthier for life.
Health & Wellness

Should I Do These Things As I Age?

By on 08/23/2018
Not sure what type of exercise to do in your golden years? Take our quiz to find out.
Health & Wellness

How Your Dog Can Help You Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

By on 08/16/2018
Can your furry best friend help you meet your walking goal? You bet! Here's how.