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Fighting Back from a Traumatic Brain Injury

By on 04/10/2018
A 12-foot fall from a balcony left Jack Cavanaugh with serious disabilities. This week, he's being honored for his long struggle back and for his service to MossRehab.

Philly through an Orthopedic Resident’s Eyes

By on 12/15/2016
Mark Ayzenberg, MD, stumbled into photography by accident. Now his work is winning acclaim.
Diseases & Conditions

With Reconstructive Surgery, Einstein Doctor Repairs “Impossible” Injury

By on 11/08/2016
Dr. Jay Simhan examined the patient, reviewed his medical records and said, simply: “I can fix that.”

Alberto Esquenazi, MD: STEM Is a Part of Everyday Life

By on 08/15/2016
The chief medical officer of MossRehab became the Top Doc he is today because of science, technology, engineering and math.

Meet Pain Interventionist S. Nadeem Ahsan, MD

By on 05/18/2016
Dr. Ahsan oversees patient treatment plans for a wide range of chronic pain conditions—and he has a few hidden talents.