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Einstein Researcher Heads Pioneering South Pacific Blindness Study

By on 04/11/2017
Adele Schneider, MD, is leading a team of experts to Chuuk to learn about two genetic disorders.
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Known Medical Benefits, But Marijuana Use Also Tied to Risk of Stroke and Heart Failure

By on 03/13/2017
Einstein Cardiology Fellow Aditi Kalla, MD, is the study’s lead author. We asked her some questions about the research findings.
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Stroke Therapy Tricks Brain Motor System

By on 12/23/2016
In this video, Steven Jax, PhD, describes research being done by his team at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute.
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Fighting Chronic Conditions With Healthy, Accessible Food

By on 09/14/2016
Providing healthy meals for patients has benefits beyond the individual; it has the potential to save the health care system money.

After July 4th, a Boost in Heart Failure Admissions

By on 06/30/2016
An Einstein study showed a drop in heart failure admissions on the day of the holiday, but a big increase in the four days following.