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What Do You Know About Swimming Safety for Kids?

By on 07/09/2018
You have sunscreen to protect them, but how’s your swimming safety knowledge? Take this quiz!

Infographic: How to Have a Safer Summer Vacation

By on 07/05/2018
Vacations are the perfect time to relax and have fun, but it's also important to stay safe. Here's how.
Health & Wellness

Essential Guidelines for Fireworks Safety

By on 07/02/2018
Most injuries occur during the Fourth of July holiday and include serious burns, loss of fingers, and blindness.
Health & Wellness

6 Hot Tips for a Safer Summer

By on 06/25/2018
Here's how to have fun this summer without making a trip to the emergency room.
Health & Wellness

Do This Before You Get on a Bike

By on 05/21/2018
Bicycling is great exercise, but here's how to make sure you stay safe when you ride.