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Is Vaping Harmful to Teens?

By on 02/12/2018
We asked Einstein Healthcare Network pulmonologist Sunil Sharma, MD, for his insights into a new report.
Diseases & Conditions

Do You Need to Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

By on 11/07/2016
When found early, lung cancer is treatable. But symptoms don’t usually appear until the cancer is advanced.

Video: 5 Ways to Quit Smoking

By on 09/29/2016
Make quitting smoking a priority. The health benefits are numerous and significant, and you'll be so glad you did.
Health & Wellness

Need Help With Your ‘Stop Smoking’ Resolution? 5 Tips from Einstein

By on 12/30/2015
If you’ve tried before and it didn’t stick, Einstein respiratory therapist Kristin Bauer, BS, RRT, CPFT, encourages you to try again.
Health & Wellness

How to Quit Smoking for the Last Time

By on 03/02/2015
Tried quitting before? Find some helpful tips to quit smoking for the last time.