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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Is It Wise to Play Only One Sport?

By on 07/18/2018
Weigh these benefits and drawbacks of a single or multiple-sport schedule.
Sports Medicine

Don’t Forget This Essential Sports Equipment

By on 04/30/2018
You protect your head and body. Here’s why you also need to protect your eyes.
Broad Street Run

Tips for a Pain-Free, Heart-Healthy Broad Street Run

By on 04/24/2017
How to get ready? We offer useful ways to think about two main challenges.
Broad Street Run

Hard-Fought Wheelchair Victory Illustrates One Family’s Winning Ways

By on 05/04/2016
Michelle Wheeler's gutsy determination paid off with a dramatic win in the women's wheelchair division at the 2016 Broad Street Run.
Sports Medicine

Five Quick Tips to Get Your Feet Healthy for Springtime Exercise

By on 04/21/2016
Chronic foot problems can hamper your springtime activities and, if left untreated, cause more severe joint and back problems.