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Young Stroke Survivor Rides Again

By on 12/14/2017
Sarah Tegtmeier, once a competitive rider, had a stroke in 2015. Now, the former MossRehab patient is working to regain strength and function through equine therapy.
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5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

By on 10/23/2017
You can't control every risk factor for stroke but here are five things you can do to lower your risk.

A Closer Look: Physical Therapist Neera Prabhakar on Stroke Rehabilitation

By on 03/20/2017
Stroke patients' lives change in many ways. Here's how rehab gets them back on the road to recovery.

Patient Ties the Knot During Stay at MossRehab

By on 03/10/2017
The MossRehab staff added enthusiasm and bells and whistles like tying cans to the groom’s wheelchair and providing food and decorations.
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Stroke Therapy Tricks Brain Motor System

By on 12/23/2016
In this video, Steven Jax, PhD, describes research being done by his team at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute.