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2015 Einstein Injury Analysis Report Podcast: Week 6

By on 10/16/2015

How many carries is too many? Is the 370 curse real? Einstein Orthopedics’ own Dr. Rosemarie Boehm tackles these questions and more in this weeks Einstein Injury Analysis Report. Listen to the podcast and read the transcript in this post, or catch it live on 94WIP’s Eagles Radio Pregame Show.

DeMarco Murray had almost 500 touches last season. How much could his speed and explosiveness this season be affected by having so many touches last season?

There has been a lot of talk about how effective Demarco Murray can and will be this year after coming off a high workforce season last year.  Last season he stayed on the field and had almost 500 touches. Some have said that may predispose him to suffer a major injury or loss of effectiveness for the following year. While there may have been some cumulative effect resulting in fatigue and soreness, I would say that that many touches showed he was able to stay healthy and was playing well enough to be given the ball and most likely having a productive season. Historically, some of the declines seen in running backs seasons may have more to do with the short shelve life overall of running backs in general. So, I would not expect Demarco Murray to be any more or less productive or prone to injury based on his performance last season and would base it more on the his overall injury history, his off season rest, rehab and work outs and how healthy he can remain this season.

It seems like there are more soft tissue injuries now than ever, could players be getting too strong for their own bodies?

Players are bigger and stronger and much more highly conditioned than ever before and football is an explosive, high contact, high energy sport, and when ever you have high powered, strong athletes doing elite sports, there is an increased chance of injuries occurring. Soft tissue injuries are the most common injury in sports and particularly football,. Soft tissue injuries can be acute from a sudden trauma, such as falling, twisting, or blows to the body, causing sprains, strains and contusions. Or they could be overuse injuries from repetitive activity where the body doesn’t get enough time to heal or rest, from over training, or from dehydration or poor nutrition. Prevention of soft tissue injuries is a combination of excellent fitness, proper equipment, warm ups and cool downs, staying hydrated, proper nutrition, balanced strength and flexibility, and rest.

The players now hit much less in training camp, is it possible that avoiding contact then, may make them more susceptible to injuries during the season?

Hitting less in camp should actually be more protective and make players less susceptible to injuries both during camp and in the season.  Football is a high contact sport and they do need a certain amount of contact in their training to prepare them for the force and repetition of games. But contact is only one part of their training and training should be balanced which may ultimately decrease their in season injuries.

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