Broad Street Run

25 Random Landmarks to Watch For During the Broad Street Run

By on 04/17/2017
  1. Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia – 0.0 miles.
    Einstein’s got you covered from start to finish. Begin the run right in our front yard, and meet up with your friends and family at the big purple Einstein balloon when you finish at The Navy Yard. Good luck!Pic 1
  2. HAHA’s Market – 0.4 miles.
    As in “Haha, it hasn’t even been half a mile yet!”Pic 2 Ha Ha
  3. Broad Street Subway – the first stop you’ll pass.
    Having second thoughts? Now’s your chance.Pic 3 1st Subway Stop
  4. Sid Booker’s Shrimp Corner – 0.9 miles.
    Finish the first mile with a quick shrimp pit stop.Pic 4 Shrimp Corner
  5. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of PA – 1.2 miles.
    What even happens at Masonic Temples?Pic 5 Masonic Lodge
  6. Joe Frazier’s Gym – 2.7 miles.
    Unfortunately, box springs have replaced boxing
    here.Pic 6 Fraziers Gym
  7. Jackie Robinson Mural – 2.8 miles.
    Celebrate number 42 and ignore the fact that you still have 4.2 miles left (plus 3 miles.)Pic 7 Robinson
  8. Grover Washington, Jr. Mural – 3.6 miles.
    If you time it right, you can hear some Grover on your playlist as you pass this mural.Pic 8 Grover W
  9. Cecil B. Moore – 4 miles.
    Six “Moore” miles to go!Pic 9 Cecil
  10. Ali, Foreman, Frazier and Holmes Mural – 4.3 miles.
    Get motivated by greatness.Pic 10 Boxers
  11. Divine Lorraine Hotel – 4.8 miles.
    Make sure you take the time to really take in this architectural marvel (one of the city’s best) as you approach mile 5.Pic 11 Lorraine
  12. Rodeph Shalom Synagogue – 5 miles.
    Mazel tov, you’re halfway there!Pic 12 Synagogue
  13. The Philadelphia Inquirer – 5.3 miles.
    OK, Sure, they’ve both moved. But, still,  imagine the headline: Extra! Extra! Read all about it… some historic sights coming up.Pic 13 Inky
  14. The Paint Torch at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts – 5.6 miles.
    Imagine doing these 10 miles holding a torch. Your arm gets tired just thinking about it.Pic 14 PAFA
  15. City Hall – 5.7 miles.
    Too bad the run doesn’t go through City Hall courtyard. Make sure you check it out sometime!Pic 15 City Hall
  16. Clothes Pin – 5.9 miles.
    Try not to think about how badly you need to throw those clothes you’re wearing in the laundry the second you get home.Pic 16 ClothesPin
  17. Union League of Philadelphia – 6.1 miles.
    Historic buildings like this are what makes this city special.Pic 15 Union League
  18. Wawa – 6.1 miles.
    The first Wawa with seating… but don’t think about rest now.Pic 17 Wawa
  19. Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts – 6.8 miles.
    From this point, it’s basically a 5K to the finish line.Pic 18 Performing Arts
  20. Boot & Saddle – 7 miles.
    A little foreshadowing, perhaps? Three more miles until that celebratory beer!Pic 19 Boot
  21. Passyunk Ave – 8 miles.
    Did you know that Passyunk Avenue is one of the only diagonal streets in Philadelphia?Pic 20 Passyunk
  22. Columbus Monument – 8.5 miles.
    1.5 miles before you discover  the finish line!Pic 21 Columbus
  23. Random Italian Villa-looking Houses – 8.7 miles.
    A great South Philly tradition!Pic 22 Villa
  24. The Stadium Complex – 9 miles.
    So close! You can even see your family members cars.Pic 23 Stadiums
  25. The Philadelphia Navy Yard – 10 miles.
    Congratulations, you made it! You’re tired and ready to celebrate, so avoid the chaos by making plans to meet your friends and family at the big purple Einstein balloon!Pic 24 Navy Yard
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    #19 is the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts

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