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5 Ways to Handle Bullying

By on 10/18/2018

Bullying can happen anywhere at any time. It can happen to anyone. Almost half of all people report having been bullied at some point in their lives.  That statistic is often of no consolation to someone who is currently being bullied, but here’s some information that can help you or someone you know who is being bullied.

Here are five tips to help deal with bullying:

  1. Understand you’re not the problem. Most bullies have been bullied themselves or their actions are a result of prejudice or abuse at home, insecurity or jealousy. It’s important to understand that you are not the problem when you are being bullied. Bullies often have underlying reasons for acting the way they do that have nothing to do with you.
  2. Take away the bully’s power. When bullies see that you’re willing to stand up for yourself, they tend to back off. If a bully tries to get you to do something you don’t want to do, say “no” and walk away. Bullies also want to elicit a reaction. If you don’t react, sometimes that’s enough to stop their behavior.
  3. Avoid the bully. Do what you can to avoid a run-in with someone who is bullying you. Try to anticipate where the bully will be and avoid a confrontation, but don’t isolate yourself or stop doing things you enjoy doing. Find a buddy to be with you in situations where you may encounter the bully because bullies tend to pick on their victims when they’re alone.
  4. Tell an adult. If you are being bullied by someone, it’s important to tell an adult even if you think you can handle it. Less than half of all people who are bullied report it, usually because they are embarrassed, afraid or think that no one will do something. Sometimes, a bully will stop if they know a teacher or parent knows about what they’re doing because they fear getting in trouble. Adults can also give you advice for how to deal with the bully.
  5. Talk to someone you trust. Even if you don’t want to tell an adult about what’s happening, you should talk to someone you trust. It can be very upsetting and stressful to be bullied. You should never have to deal with these feelings alone.

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