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According to the Internet, Your Arm’s Falling Off

By on 03/27/2015

The Internet is perfect for some things, like reviews of your favorite TV shows or a list of 23 cats that look like celebrities. However, the Internet is not perfect for self-diagnosing a sore throat or bruised knee.

While “according to the Internet…” is a great conversation starter for your weird Uncle Eric, it’s not exactly what you want to hear when you’re sick or in pain.

Yet, more than 72 percent of Internet users say they seek medical advice online, and more than half of smart phone users claim they use their device to help diagnose a health issue*.

How many times have you turned to “Dr. Google” for medical advice only to be told that you have a very serious – yet, not even remotely real – medical emergency? It seems like anytime you ask the Internet to diagnosis you, the Internet immediately wants to put you on your deathbed.

Don’t trust that random web site you didn’t even know existed until five minutes ago. Leave healthcare to the professionals.


*According to a report from the Pew Research Center.

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