Patrick Carney

Meet the Doctor

Meet Michael Marino, MD

By on 07/10/2017
Michael Marino, MD, is an attending physician at MossRehab specializing in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and concussions.
Fitness & Nutrition

Tips for National Nutrition Month

By on 03/13/2017
Einstein's team of nutrition experts provide their tips for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy our video.
Sports Medicine

How to Select the Right Sports Bra

By on 05/11/2016
Sports bras have come a long way from their humble beginnings when the first versions were no more than two jockstraps sewed together. Really.

Infographic: Erectile Dysfunction Might Be a Warning Sign of Serious Health Issues

By on 02/11/2016
For one out of 10 men, the causes are psychological, but for 85 percent, the condition is often linked to heart disease, diabetes and other risk factors.

Dr. Alberto Esquenazi’s Moment of More

By on 11/25/2015
"Here, it’s the effort of many, not the individual."