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Change Your Life in 7 Minutes a Day

By on 03/13/2016
It may take as little as five minutes a day of strenuous exercise to improve your heart health and overall longevity.
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Tips for Managing Wintertime Depression

By on 03/03/2015
Symptoms of the winter blues include sadness, anxiety, withdrawal from social activities, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.
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How to Quit Smoking for the Last Time

By on 03/02/2015
Tried quitting before? Find some helpful tips to quit smoking for the last time.
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How to Avoid Falling on Ice

By on 02/27/2015
Learn some helpful tips for staying safe this winter when walking on an icy surface.
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Mexican Chocolate Pudding Recipe

By on 02/25/2015
Here's a heart-healthy, diabetes-friendly, gluten-free recipe for a dessert the whole family will love.