Denise Foley


Wheelchair Athlete Keeps His Eyes on the Prize

By on 07/26/2018
Following a shooting that left his legs paralyzed, Adil Boutahli is a quickly rising star in the world of wheelchair sports.

When Words Fail Children, MossRehab Speech-Language Therapy Helps

By on 06/11/2018
Inside one child's therapy for childhood apraxia of speech, a neurological disorder that affects how kids form words and sounds.

“Being a Helper is in Me”

By on 05/21/2018
Inspiring stroke survivor and energetic MossRehab volunteer Maurice “Reese” Hicks receives top honors for service.
All About Art

Pain Informs a Noted Painter-Printmaker’s Unique View of the World

By on 09/14/2016
While it has not diminished his talent or skill, pain as a constant companion has dictated the form Jerry DiFalco's expression has taken.
Diseases & Conditions

Nathan’s Legacy: Raising Tay-Sachs Awareness Among People of Irish Heritage

By on 03/02/2016
Here's what Irish-Americans need to know about a devastating disease.