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Meet the Provider

Meet the Provider: Kimberly Maasz, Physician Assistant

By on 03/25/2022
Maasz sees patients with breast cancer before surgery and continues to be involved in their follow-up care

Preventing Cervical Cancer With Vaccines and Checkups

By on 01/26/2022
Pap tests needed less often because of tests and vaccines for human papilloma virus, the cause of cervical cancer.

Telehealth Program Helps Manage Diabetes in Pregnancy

By on 11/30/2021
Reporting blood-sugar results with a phone app makes it easier to stay in control for the safety of patient and baby.
Health & Wellness

Outpatient Center Sends Socks to the Homeless

By on 11/03/2021
Advocate and nurse spearhead project to reuse patient foot coverings that would have been thrown away,
Meet the Doctor

Meet the Doctor: Ryan Lee, MD

By on 09/22/2021
Einstein's Chair of Radiology has a special interest in using artificial intelligence to improve imaging results.