Judy Horwitz

COVID-19 Fitness & Nutrition

Strengthening Your Immune System With Healthy Foods

By on 04/17/2020
A well-stocked pantry and wise food choices can help you stay well.
Meet the Doctor

Meet the Doctor: Catherine Anastasopoulou, MD, PhD

By on 11/04/2019
Grandmother, aunt with diabetes inspired her interest in endocrinology.
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

Einstein Montgomery Welcomes Its First Class of Residents

By on 08/21/2019
Family Medicine and Vascular Surgery are the first two residency programs for the suburban campus.
Diseases & Conditions

What We Can Learn About Heart Disease from Bob Harper’s Heart Attack

By on 03/07/2017
Einstein cardiologist Leandro Slipczuk, MD, PhD, addresses some of the questions.
Diseases & Conditions

Study Finds Significant Jump in Colorectal Cancer Rates in Younger People

By on 03/06/2017
An Einstein expert weighs in about this study and offers information on how people of all ages can help prevent these diseases.