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Diseases & Conditions

Guidelines Advise Fewer People to Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Problems

By on 05/18/2022
Influential group says risk exceeds benefit for people 60 and older without known cardiovascular disease.

Drug Helps Prevent COVID-19 for Immunocompromised Patients

By on 04/29/2022
Einstein has been providing the antibody drug Evusheld to transplant and some cancer patients since March.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Colonoscopy

By on 02/18/2022
Research shows the system can help find more polyps, which sometimes turn into cancer, than standard colonoscopy.

What We Know About the Omicron Variant

By on 01/13/2022
Dr. Eric Sachinwalla answers common questions about the new COVID variant spreading rapidly across the country.
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

Einstein Doctor Watches Over Veterans in Return to Pearl Harbor

By on 12/14/2021
Allentown's Richard Schimmel, now 99, was on the radar crew when the Japanese planes appeared.