Jill Porter

Diseases & Conditions

Aneurysm that Claimed Actor’s Life Surprisingly Common

By on 10/14/2016
Are you at risk for the condition that claimed the life of Tommy Ford, a member of the cast of “Martin"?

Saving a Dance for Her Doctor

By on 07/07/2016
Everyone Sheila Adkins had known who’d had cancer had died. But she rallied her fierce spirit and her faith to resist succumbing to the same fate.

Eight Einstein Montgomery Nurses Now Occupy a Specially Trained Niche

By on 06/21/2016
A team of eight nurses at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery has become the first group to complete special training in the care of the frail elderly.
Diseases & Conditions

Einstein Pioneers Use of Advanced Heart Failure Implant Device

By on 06/08/2016
Einstein is the only hospital in Pennsylvania using a new implant that boosts the heart’s pumping function more effectively than previous devices.

Every Day is a Day to Honor Military Service

By on 05/26/2016
Tom Gaylets has found a way to integrate patriotism into every aspect of his medical career.