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Bariatric Surgery

Controlling or Curing Diabetes With Gastric Surgery

By on 05/26/2016
Experts have acknowledged that gastric bypass surgery can help patients control or cure their diabetes. An Einstein bariatric surgeon comments.

At Einstein Montgomery, He Honors Military Service Every Day

By on 05/26/2016
Tom Gaylets has found a way to honor his patriotism by creating two programs at Einstein Montgomery to recognize military veterans.

Einstein Surgeon Provides Care in War-Torn South Sudan

By on 05/10/2016
Pak Shan Leung, MD, recently returned from a volunteer mission with Doctors Without Borders.

Too Little Food, Too Many Hospitalizations

By on 04/14/2016
Food might not qualify as medicine, but an inadequate amount of it could be a factor in repeated hospitalizations.
Health & Wellness

Starting to Forget Things? Should You Worry?

By on 03/03/2016
Cognitive aging happens to everyone, in time.