Grandparents have dinner at home with their child, in-law and grandchildren.

Can I Have a Social Life Now That I’m Vaccinated?

By on 03/25/2021

If you’re like lots of people, your social calendar for 2020 looked like a big zero. Some Zoom gatherings, yes. But in-person socializing, not so much.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said to stay home, keep your distance and wear a mask, you listened.

Now, after a year of saying no, no, no, the CDC has some positive news for your social life: if you and your friends have been vaccinated, it’s OK to get together, with some limits. And you don’t even need masks.

Eric Sachinwalla, MD, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control for Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, is happy to see the new guidance. “I actually just had a small dinner party with some vaccinated friends this past weekend,” he says.

As you might expect, though, details make a difference. Below Dr. Sachinwalla explains what the new CDC guidance might mean for your social life during the upcoming holidays.



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