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Broad Street Run

Broad Street Run

Thanks to MossRehab Therapist, She Ran and Finished the Broad Street Run

By on 05/15/2018
For Dina Mastrogiovanni, knee pain made taking part in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run a doubtful proposition. Center City MossRehab therapist Ali Ladak put her back in the race.
Broad Street Run

Six Tips to Help You Select the Appropriate Running Shoe

By on 03/26/2018
Ali Ladak PT, DPT, a physical therapist at MossRehab Center City, offers insights on how to put your best foot forward.
Broad Street Run

Precap: Training For The Broad Street Run Starts Here

By on 03/14/2018
It’s March and that means it’s time to start training in earnest for the 2018 Broad Street Run.
Broad Street Run

The 2017 Broad Street Run in Pictures

By on 05/09/2017
Also, check out photos from our Health and Wellness Expo.
Broad Street Run

Final Countdown to the Broad Street Run: All The Info You Need

By on 05/03/2017
The big day is finally on the horizon, and that means you only have a few days left to make all of your final preparations for the Broad Street Run.
Broad Street Run

Finished the Race? How Do You Fuel?

By on 05/01/2017
Let’s dive into what your body needs after a 10-miler and why.
Broad Street Run

Tips for a Pain-Free, Heart-Healthy Broad Street Run

By on 04/24/2017
How to get ready? We offer useful ways to think about two main challenges.
Broad Street Run

25 Random Landmarks to Watch For During the Broad Street Run

By on 04/17/2017
From starting line to the finish line, some milestones to spur you along on your way.
Broad Street Run

5 Best Places to Use the Bathroom Before the Broad Street Run

By on 04/10/2017
Here are five best places to go before you get going.