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COVID-19 Infectious Disease

What to Do If You Might Have the Flu, or COVID, or a Cold

By on 11/12/2021
A guide to prevention, symptoms and treatment as flu season begins amid fewer restrictions on social interaction.

Answers to Your Questions About COVID Boosters

By on 10/27/2021
Dr. Eric Sachinwalla explains why extra shots are being recommended for some groups and how to get a booster.

Delta Variant Spurs Appeal for Masks, Booster Shots

By on 08/23/2021
What you need to know about this fast-spreading strain of coronavirus and public-health measures to combat it.

What Tweens and Teens Want to Know About the COVID Vaccine

By on 07/23/2021
Dr. Eric Sachinwalla offers answers to questions raised at Einstein's main vaccination site on Tween Tuesdays.

Suicide-Related Visits Rose Sharply During Pandemic

By on 07/08/2021
Einstein study finds the increase was spurred by people considering, rather than attempting, suicide.

Award Winners Talk About Compassionate Care in a Pandemic

By on 06/23/2021
Three from Einstein receive recognition as Champions of Humanistic Care from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.

Tips for Safer Travels as More People Get Vaccinated

By on 06/11/2021
Federal guideline changes show that many activities are safer once people are vaccinated.

A Vaccine and a Listening Ear: Stories from the Vaccinators

By on 05/21/2021
Members of Einstein's "Team Vax" meet inspiring people as they dispense comfort and protection.

Why Get the Vaccine? Find the Reasons on the COVID-19 Wall

By on 04/21/2021
View our interactive photo and read why healthcare workers got vaccinated.

Can I Have a Social Life Now That I’m Vaccinated?

By on 03/25/2021
Dr. Eric Sachinwalla offers advice on in-person gatherings for those who have been immunized against COVID-19.