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Security Manager Grateful and Well After a Tough Ride With COVID-19

By on 06/24/2020
"I wouldn't be here without them," Einstein's Gerry Baus says about hospital staff.
COVID-19 Podcasts

Respiratory Therapy and COVID-19: An Einstein Perspective

By on 06/15/2020
Therapists provide support for patients who have difficulty with breathing.
COVID-19 Videos

Video: The Proper Way to Wear a Face Mask

By on 05/13/2020
Here's how to properly wear face masks to help protect you and others from spreading COVID-19.

Wellness Ambassadors Spread Cheer – and Snacks – to Staff Under Stress

By on 05/11/2020
The program is funded by a gift from Einstein Board of Trustees member and philanthropist Richard Sheerr and his wife, Betsy.

Heart Patients Urged Not to Avoid Care or Ignore Symptoms

By on 05/07/2020
Cardiology chief worries that people are not getting the care they need and some may be dying at home.

Two ICU Units Added in a 72-Hour Marathon of Innovation and Collaboration

By on 05/04/2020
Former pre- and post-surgery units were transformed into additional critical-care beds for COVID-19 patients.

Is It Worry, or an Anxiety Disorder?

By on 04/30/2020
How to know when it's time to discuss your fears with a mental-health counselor

Is It Germ Awareness, or OCD?

By on 04/30/2020
Can highly vigilant cleaning and hand-washing signal that someone has obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Is It Bad News Overload, or Depression?

By on 04/30/2020
If you're feeling down, when is it time to share those feelings with a professional?