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Diseases & Conditions

Diseases & Conditions

New Medications at Last for Sickle Cell Disease

By on 09/30/2022
Three drugs approved in the last five years may reduce painful crises 25% to 50%, Einstein blood-disease specialists say.
Diseases & Conditions

Have Diabetes? Don’t Skip Your Eye Exam

By on 08/17/2022
Diabetes may affect your eyes but regular screenings help keep them healthier.
Diseases & Conditions

Quiz: What Kind of Headaches Do You Get?

By on 06/17/2022
If you often get headaches, this quiz can help you figure out what's causing them.
Diseases & Conditions

Five Things That Can Make Arthritis Worse

By on 05/25/2022
Stop doing these things if you live with joint pain, stiffness and inflammation.
Diseases & Conditions

What to Do and Not Do When Someone Is Having a Stroke

By on 05/20/2022
Here’s how to recognize the signs of a stroke so you can get help quickly.
Diseases & Conditions

Guidelines Advise Fewer People to Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Problems

By on 05/18/2022
Influential group says risk exceeds benefit for people 60 and older without known cardiovascular disease.
Diseases & Conditions

Navigating – and Enjoying – the Holidays With Diabetes

By on 11/19/2021
With some good planning and preparation, you can enjoy this time of year as much as anyone else.
Diseases & Conditions

The Best Thing You Can Do for Stronger Bones

By on 10/20/2021
This is why taking a daily walk may be one of the simplest ways to reduce your risk of osteoporosis.
Diseases & Conditions

Should You Use Ice or Heat for Joint Pain?

By on 10/06/2021
Both treatments are often used to ease pain, but when is it best to use each one?
Diseases & Conditions

How to Properly Check Your Blood Pressure

By on 05/24/2021
Following these few tips will help you to get the most accurate reading.