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Einstein Obstetrics

Einstein Obstetrics

Techniques That Keep Labor Going Reduce Cesarean Section Rate

By on 06/26/2019
Birthing ball, peanut ball and other measures help women move more during labor.
Einstein Obstetrics

Respect, Compassion and a Safe Early Birth

By on 06/19/2019
Einstein Montgomery was "a place that felt like home."
Einstein Obstetrics

Support in Miscarriage Brought Them Back for a Happy Birth

By on 05/10/2019
Blake and Amy's son, Everett, was born at Einstein.
Einstein Obstetrics

NICU Babies Get Holiday Caps Handmade by Lab Staff

By on 12/21/2018
Einstein technicians crocheted at work and at home to make the gifts.
Einstein Obstetrics

Get Answers: A Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

By on 01/09/2018
David Jaspan, DO, chair of Einstein's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, offered answers in a live online chat.
Einstein Obstetrics

Answers to Your Questions About the Latest in Giving Birth

By on 11/28/2017
Learn more about the latest techniques in the birthing suite from our recent live chat.