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American DanceWheels Foundation Troupe Dancing on Air for Papal Performance

By on 09/30/2015
The precision troupe were accorded a singular honor—leading off the festival welcoming Pope Francis to Philadelphia.

Dr. Debra Somers Copit’s Moment of More

By on 09/28/2015
Dr. Debra Somers Copit's Moment of More: 'The True Privilege and Honor that Comes with Taking Care of Patients'
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Extreme Emergency Surgery: An Amputation Under a Train

By on 08/13/2015
The two doctors who performed the amputation don’t think they did anything heroic or different from what they do every day.

Meet Katelyn Schafer, CRNP

By on 07/31/2015
Schafer talks about childhood obesity, whys came to Einstein, and more.

Kimberly Alston’s Moment of More

By on 07/24/2015

Q: How long have you worked at Einstein?

A: Nine years

Q: What does “More than Medicine” mean to you?

A: “More than Medicine” means that we take a special, vested interest in our patients….


Celebrating Survivorship

By on 07/15/2015
In recognition of National Cancer Survivors Day, Einstein patients, both current and past, are treated to events in their honor.

MossRehab Physical Therapists Take on an Ancient Gaelic Sport

By on 07/10/2015
This moderately anarchic activity is hurling, an ancient Gaelic game transported to the U.S. by Irish immigrants.

After 45 Years at Einstein, Award-Winning Nurse is Still Blazing a Trail

By on 05/29/2015
Nida Quirong Jones came to Einstein straight out of nursing school in the Philippines in 1970. She's still here.

Anthony Lucas’s Moments of More

By on 05/27/2015
“I feel like everyone who comes through could be my family,” Lucas says, “so I treat them like that.”

Winning the Showdown against Breast Cancer

By on 05/07/2015
Team Einstein has averaged more than 700 members at the Race for the Cure every year for the past four years.