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Fitness & Nutrition

The Best Exercises for Older Adults

By on 05/31/2023
Being physically active helps keep you healthier as you age. Here’s how to do it safely.
Fitness & Nutrition

Avoid These Foods During Pregnancy

By on 05/11/2023
These foods and drinks may harm your baby or put you at risk of illness when you’re pregnant.
Fitness & Nutrition

Try Jalapeño Corn Muffins for Cinco de Mayo

By on 05/05/2023
These healthy muffins, made with cornmeal and whole wheat flour, offer a flavorful alternative to fried foods.
Fitness & Nutrition

The Eight Best Spring Veggies—and What to Do with Them

By on 04/20/2023
What better way to enjoy spring than to take advantage of the freshest tastes of the season.
Fitness & Nutrition

How to Improve Your Cardio Endurance

By on 04/17/2023
Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just want to improve your stamina, here’s how to do it.
Fitness & Nutrition

Too-Cute Deviled Egg Chicks

By on 04/07/2023
Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard and spices make this traditional appetizer creamy but light and piquant.
Fitness & Nutrition

For Pi Day, a Low-Fat Banana Cream Pie

By on 03/14/2023
Made with low-fat milk, this creamy dessert has fewer than 200 calories per slice.
Fitness & Nutrition

A Hearty, High-Protein Breakfast Meal in a Bowl

By on 03/02/2023
Oatmeal, egg and avocado provide balanced nutrition and great taste to keep you satisfied all morning.
Fitness & Nutrition

Secret Ingredient Adds Richness to This Valentine Chocolate Mousse

By on 02/14/2023
Avocados give this dessert a creamy texture, without dairy and with only healthy fats.
Fitness & Nutrition

Enjoy Nachos With Buffalo Sauce – and Without a Lot of Fat

By on 02/08/2023
Roasted cauliflower is topped with cashew sauce, hot sauce and crunchy chips and vegetables.