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Fitness & Nutrition

12 Healthy After-School Snacks

By on 09/01/2022
These delicious but healthy snacks keep kids going strong until dinner.
Fitness & Nutrition

Why It’s a Great Time to Try the Mediterranean Diet

By on 08/24/2022
Although not technically a “diet,” this style of eating helps improve health while being delicious.
Fitness & Nutrition

Quiz: Which of These Gets Kids to Eat Healthier?

By on 08/22/2022
Here are some tips for improving your child’s eating habits.
Fitness & Nutrition

The Ultimate Park Workout

By on 08/10/2022
No need to hit the gym on a summer day when you can get in a solid workout at the park.
Fitness & Nutrition

Six Good Reasons to Ride a Bike

By on 07/05/2022
There’s never been a better time to tune up your bicycle and start riding. Here’s why.
Fitness & Nutrition

Colorful Peppers Are Stuffed With High-Fiber Beans and Grains

By on 04/21/2022
Satisfying vegetarian entree is low in fat and high in protein and flavor.
Fitness & Nutrition

Doing This One Thing May Improve Kids’ Mental Health

By on 04/15/2022
Help kids combat stress and depression with these tips to get them exercising more.
Fitness & Nutrition

Nine Immune-Boosting Spring Vegetables

By on 04/14/2022
Help your body stay healthier and fight infection with this delicious in-season produce.
Fitness & Nutrition

Light or Heavy Weights: Which Is Best?

By on 03/31/2022
Here are the similarities and differences between these strength training methods.
Fitness & Nutrition

Chicken Tenders, for Buffalo Flavor Without the Fat

By on 03/24/2022
Healthier version of this popular finger food is marinated in hot sauce, then baked, not fried.