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Fitness & Nutrition

Six Secrets for Making Comfort Food Healthier

By on 01/25/2023
Enjoy your favorite feel-good foods with these ingredients that actually make you feel good.
Fitness & Nutrition

How to Eat Healthy Without Cooking

By on 01/04/2023
These easy-to-make meals are healthier than takeout or restaurant fare—no cooking required!
Fitness & Nutrition

A Quick Beef Stew, With a Touch of Chocolate

By on 12/26/2022
Sweet potatoes and brewed coffee are other unusual ingredients in this stew, which takes about an hour to make.
Fitness & Nutrition

How to Sneak in Extra Exercise This Month

By on 12/20/2022
We get it—you’re busy. But with these tips, you can still find time to exercise.
Fitness & Nutrition

8 Tips for Baking Healthier Cookies Everyone Will Love

By on 12/16/2022
You may be surprised by how delicious cookies can taste even with these healthy substitutions.
Fitness & Nutrition

10 Ideas for Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers

By on 11/23/2022
Don’t let all that delicious food go to waste. Here are some ideas to make your leftovers shine.
Fitness & Nutrition Safety

Seven Safety Tips For Working Out In the Dark

By on 11/09/2022
With these tips, there’s no need to take your workout indoors due to more limited daylight.
Fitness & Nutrition

An Easy, Ghoulish Treat: Pizza Muffin Mummies

By on 10/27/2022
Give your trick-or-treaters a fun, healthy snack before they hit the neighborhood.
Fitness & Nutrition

Five Flavorful Ways to Use Less Salt

By on 10/19/2022
These tips make it easier to enjoy tasty food while keeping sodium to a minimum.
Fitness & Nutrition

The Best Exercises for Your Joints

By on 10/13/2022
Keep your joints healthier by incorporating these activities into your workout routine.