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Seven Safety Tips For Working Out In the Dark

By on 11/09/2022
With these tips, there’s no need to take your workout indoors due to more limited daylight.
Fitness & Nutrition

An Easy, Ghoulish Treat: Pizza Muffin Mummies

By on 10/27/2022
Give your trick-or-treaters a fun, healthy snack before they hit the neighborhood.
Fitness & Nutrition

Five Flavorful Ways to Use Less Salt

By on 10/19/2022
These tips make it easier to enjoy tasty food while keeping sodium to a minimum.
Fitness & Nutrition

The Best Exercises for Your Joints

By on 10/13/2022
Keep your joints healthier by incorporating these activities into your workout routine.
Fitness & Nutrition

A Treat Made With Fall Fruit: Apple Crisp

By on 10/07/2022
Here’s an apple crisp that’s under 200 calories per serving.
Fitness & Nutrition

12 Healthy After-School Snacks

By on 09/01/2022
These delicious but healthy snacks keep kids going strong until dinner.
Fitness & Nutrition

Why It’s a Great Time to Try the Mediterranean Diet

By on 08/24/2022
Although not technically a “diet,” this style of eating helps improve health while being delicious.
Fitness & Nutrition

Quiz: Which of These Gets Kids to Eat Healthier?

By on 08/22/2022
Here are some tips for improving your child’s eating habits.
Fitness & Nutrition

The Ultimate Park Workout

By on 08/10/2022
No need to hit the gym on a summer day when you can get in a solid workout at the park.
Fitness & Nutrition

Six Good Reasons to Ride a Bike

By on 07/05/2022
There’s never been a better time to tune up your bicycle and start riding. Here’s why.