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What to Eat to Beat Food Cravings

By on 03/18/2015
Learn how to reduce your unhealthy food cravings with these helpful tips.
Fitness & Nutrition

Make a Heart-Healthy Strawberry Shortcake

By on 03/16/2015
Creamy vanilla yogurt replaces high fat whipped cream in this delicious chocolate strawberry shortcake to make a heart-healthy dessert.
Fitness & Nutrition

8 Foods to Eat When You Want to Lose Weight

By on 03/09/2015
You can start your weight-loss meal planning at the grocery store by adding these foods to your cart.
Fitness & Nutrition

A Healthy Recipe for Chicken Fajitas

By on 03/04/2015
Have some friends over for this fun and easy chicken fajitas recipe.
Fitness & Nutrition

Mexican Chocolate Pudding Recipe

By on 02/25/2015
Here's a heart-healthy, diabetes-friendly, gluten-free recipe for a dessert the whole family will love.
Fitness & Nutrition

10 Foods to Keep on Hand

By on 02/13/2015

Einstein registered dietitian Jacki Dwyer recommends these 10 foods to keep on hand for a simple approach to healthy eating:
1. Romaine lettuce* keeps well in the crisper and ensures a…

Fitness & Nutrition

How to Have a Healthy Valentines Day

By on 02/13/2015


Valentine’s Day is meant to be a celebration of love. For many people, this holiday may also bring a personal excuse to eat…

Fitness & Nutrition

How to Eat Right in 2015

By on 02/12/2015

“Weight is always on people’s minds,” says Einstein registered dietitian Jacki Dwyer, RD, MS, CDE. “I suggest that instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t have, focus…

Broad Street Run Fitness & Nutrition

Overuse Injury Prevention

By on 02/03/2015

Running more than 40 miles a week increases your risk for overuse injuries. These tips and tricks provided by Einstein Orthopedic Surgeon Bobby Ndu, MD can help you minimize your…

Fitness & Nutrition

Get Active: Energize Your Life

By on 03/11/2014

The Best Medicine

“If exercise was in a pill, it would be the most prescribed medication in the world,” says Jeffrey North, MD, a spine and sports medicine specialist at…