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Health & Wellness

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Recommended Vaccines

By on 08/16/2021
Vaccinations protect you from serious diseases – and here’s why you need them.
Health & Wellness

Watch Out for Heat-Related Illness

By on 07/15/2021
Here's what to do to prevent and treat heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other illnesses that kill hundreds each year.
Health & Wellness

Quiz: Are You Using Sunscreen the Right Way?

By on 07/14/2021
This is why applying sunscreen correctly is as important as applying it at all.
Health & Wellness

Quiz: Which of These Helps You Sleep Better?

By on 06/25/2021
Take this quiz to find out what daily habits improve the quality of your sleep.
Health & Wellness

Five Health Perks of Gardening

By on 06/21/2021
Fresh, healthy food is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy from a home garden.
Health & Wellness

Feeling Stressed? Why a Massage Will Do You Good

By on 06/16/2021
Not only do massages feel good, but here’s how they may be good for your health.
Health & Wellness

Why You Should Spend More Time Outdoors

By on 04/09/2021
Here’s why now is the perfect time to head outside as much as possible.
Health & Wellness

Ethnicity and Disease Risk: What’s the Connection?

By on 04/05/2021
Here’s how your race or ethnicity may increase your risk for these diseases.
Health & Wellness

Why You Should Tell Your Doctor the Truth

By on 02/22/2021
How even little white lies can compromise your health.
Health & Wellness

Working from Home? How to Avoid Aches and Pains

By on 02/10/2021
These five tips make your workspace more user-friendly for your back, neck and wrists.