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Foraging Mistakes Lead to Cluster of Mushroom Poisoning Cases

By on 01/19/2023
Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia staff managed to save five out of six patients. One needed a liver transplant.
Health & Wellness

Sit All Day? How to Prevent These Common Injuries

By on 01/17/2023
Here are tips for preventing the aches and pains that come from your desk job.
Health & Wellness

How to Make a Plan to Quit Smoking that Works

By on 01/06/2023
If you’re determined to quit for good this time, these tips can help.
Health & Wellness

Surprising Ways the Holidays Cause Back Pain

By on 12/12/2022
Is your back aching as you go through the holiday frenzy? This may be why.
Health & Wellness

Why It’s Important to Know Your Family’s Health History

By on 11/16/2022
Knowing about any health issues that run in your family can help keep you healthier.
Health & Wellness

Is Brushing Your Teeth Good for Your Heart?

By on 10/05/2022
Here’s why taking care of your oral health may benefit your heart health, too.
Health & Wellness

How Loneliness Affects Your Health

By on 09/23/2022
Loneliness is more common in older adults, but here’s how to feel more connected.
Health & Wellness

Did You Know Your Medication Can Do This?

By on 08/19/2022
Sun and heat can be hard to tolerate when you take some of these medications.
Health & Wellness

How to Relieve Sunburn Pain

By on 08/05/2022
If the sun has gotten the best of your skin, here’s how to soothe the burn.
Health & Wellness

Why It’s Time to Take Off Your Flip Flops

By on 07/29/2022
This is why your feet hurt after wearing these flimsy shoes.