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Beware of Diving Dangers this Summer

By on 07/29/2016
While most people know that diving in headfirst is dangerous, other safety precautions should be taken when entering a body of water.
Health & Wellness

Stay Safe When Heat and Humidity Are High

By on 07/28/2016
“It’s actually heat and humidity working together that our bodies don’t like,” says Robert Czincila, DO, chief of Emergency Medicine, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.
Health & Wellness

Hot Weather and Alcohol Don’t Mix

By on 07/26/2016
Heat and alcohol affect the body similarly, mixing the two can be dangerous. The better bet? Water.
Health & Wellness

Here’s How to Play Pokémon Go Safely

By on 07/14/2016
Before you fire up the smartphone in search of Jigglypuff, here’s some advice from Robert Czincila, DO, director of Emergency Medicine at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.
Health & Wellness

6 Fun Family Fitness Activities for Summer

By on 07/12/2016
Are you and the kids staying active and healthy? Looking for ideas? Try these!
Health & Wellness

A 9-Minute Workout to Help You Get Fab Abs Fast

By on 04/22/2016
Ready for beach weather? Here's a quick ab circuit to do once a week, or at most every three days.
Health & Wellness

Got a New Hoverboard? Exercise with Caution

By on 03/07/2016
Here's how to play it safe while on the go.
Health & Wellness

Starting to Forget Things? Should You Worry?

By on 03/03/2016
Cognitive aging happens to everyone, in time.
Health & Wellness

What to Do If You Get a Scald Burn in the Kitchen

By on 02/24/2016
It takes only seconds for hot water to cause a third-degree burn.
Health & Wellness

Do You Know the Signs of a Heart Attack?

By on 02/09/2016
Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack can help you decide what to do.