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Safeguarding Yourself Against Ticks

By on 06/17/2015
Lyme disease is a particular threat in Pennsylvania.
Health & Wellness

The Truth about Men and Emotions

By on 06/12/2015
Society often teaches men to keep their emotions in check and their feelings to themselves, which can wreak havoc with mental well-being.
Health & Wellness

Applying Sunscreen the Right Way

By on 06/08/2015

Can’t imagine heading to the beach without sunscreen? Good for you!

Year-round use of sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect against the damaging effects of the sun….

Health & Wellness

Tapping and Swiping—Even Before They’re Walking

By on 05/01/2015
Nearly 75 percent of kids are using smartphones, tablets and other media devices before they reach the age of 2.
Health & Wellness

Sun Protection Tips from an Einstein Dermatologist

By on 04/08/2015
We all enjoy fun in the sun, but sun exposure can contribute to progressive skin damage that leads to cancer.
Health & Wellness

All About Women’s Health Screenings

By on 04/03/2015
An Einstein doctor suggests a smart health approach for women.
Health & Wellness

According to the Internet, Your Arm’s Falling Off

By on 03/27/2015
The internet is perfect for some things, but not self-diagnosis.
Health & Wellness

Easy Guidelines for a Healthier Life

By on 03/23/2015
Set the right goals for a healthier life.
Health & Wellness

Tips for Managing Wintertime Depression

By on 03/03/2015
Symptoms of the winter blues include sadness, anxiety, withdrawal from social activities, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.
Health & Wellness

How to Quit Smoking for the Last Time

By on 03/02/2015
Tried quitting before? Find some helpful tips to quit smoking for the last time.