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Health & Wellness

Why You Should Visit a Farmers Market

By on 08/15/2019
Here are seven good reasons to support your local farmers.
Health & Wellness

Nine Tips for an Enjoyable Summer Road Trip

By on 07/29/2019
Do you get car sick? These travel tips help keep motion sickness at bay.
Health & Wellness

Five Ways to Help Your Partner Lose Weight

By on 07/01/2019
You want your partner to be healthier but he or she needs a nudge to get going. Here's how to help.
Health & Wellness

How to Plan an Active Family Vacation

By on 06/21/2019
The whole family will enjoy these vacation activities that combine fitness and fun.
Health & Wellness

5 Stroke Risk Factors Under Your Control

By on 05/29/2019
You can't control every risk factor for stroke, but here are five things you can do something about.
Health & Wellness

Can Gardening Be Considered Exercise?

By on 05/23/2019
A beautiful garden is good for the soul. Here’s how gardening also helps your body.
Health & Wellness

How to Stay Safer on Your Bike

By on 05/17/2019
Bicycling is great exercise – and it’s fun! Ride more safely by following these tips.
Health & Wellness

Infographic: How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

By on 05/15/2019
Keep your skin healthier with these 9 strategies to protect it from UV rays.
Health & Wellness

Infographic: 7 Awesome Reasons to Walk Your Dog

By on 05/03/2019
Why your health – and your dog – will thank you when you go for a walk.
Health & Wellness

Is Stress Causing You to Gain Weight?

By on 04/26/2019
Feeling stressed – and noticing your waistline expanding? These foods can stop that from happening.