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Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

TelePrEP Offers Easy, Private Access to HIV Prevention Pill

By on 03/23/2023
This free program from Einstein and the health department provides access to PrEP medication by telehealth.
Infectious Disease

How to Protect Yourself from Pneumonia

By on 11/11/2022
Follow these tips to make it less likely you’ll develop this potentially serious lung infection.
Infectious Disease

Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of STDs

By on 09/28/2022
Sexually transmitted diseases are very common. Learn what symptoms should prompt a visit to your doctor.
COVID-19 Infectious Disease

What to Do If You Might Have the Flu, or COVID, or a Cold

By on 11/12/2021
A guide to prevention, symptoms and treatment as flu season begins amid fewer restrictions on social interaction.