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It Takes What to Burn That Off???

By on 09/14/2016
This infographic sums up some common foods and an estimate of the amount of activity it would take to burn off the calories.

Choose The Right Fitness Tracker For You

By on 09/13/2016
Use the information in this colorful infographic to help you find the features you want .... while still staying within your budget.

Infographic: Too Sick For School?

By on 09/08/2016
Use this handy infographic to determine when your child is too sick for school, and when it’s safe for them to return.

Infographic: Crib Safety

By on 08/29/2016
Babies falling out of their cribs account for 66 percent of crib injuries—but that’s not the only thing to worry about.

Do You Know the New Car Seat Guidelines?

By on 08/17/2016
Live in Pennsylvania or just passing through? This infographic will fill you in on the guidelines ... and fines for violations.

All About Kidney Stones, Treatment and Prevention

By on 05/31/2016
We understand the causes of kidney stones, and we know how to treat and prevent them. Check out our infographic to learn more.

Infographic Provides A Look Inside 3D Mammography

By on 04/26/2016
This sophisticated diagnostic tool represents a remarkable development in the early detection of invasive breast cancers.

Infographic: From Its Humble Beginnings, How Einstein Grew

By on 02/29/2016
In its first 50 years, more than 203,000 patients had received skilled, compassionate care within its walls.

Infographic: Erectile Dysfunction Might Be a Warning Sign of Serious Health Issues

By on 02/11/2016
For one out of 10 men, the causes are psychological, but for 85 percent, the condition is often linked to heart disease, diabetes and other risk factors.