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MossRehab Treatments Help Support Gender Affirmation

By on 11/07/2022
Therapists can ease medical issues that may arise from transgender patients' surgical or nonsurgical interventions.

Gender-Affirming Voice Therapy at MossRehab

By on 06/13/2022
Speech-Language Pathologist Alyssa Giegerich offers care for transgender and gender-expansive patients.

25 Years of Medical and Social Support for People With Aphasia

By on 04/06/2022
The family of actor Bruce Willis recently said he would stop acting because of this condition, which impairs speech.

Brain Injuries Common, But Treatment Can Help

By on 03/11/2022
Actor, comedian and Philadelphia native Bob Saget died of a brain injury in January.

Einstein Answers: Frequent Questions About Stroke Rehab

By on 05/27/2021
Dr. Ning Cao describes how MossRehab uses both new and traditional treatments in rehabilitation after stroke.

Turning Rehab Into a Game Keeps Patients Engaged

By on 05/12/2021
MossRehab is using gaming to add an element of fun to many of its programs.

Substance Misuse Can Lead to Stroke in Young People

By on 03/19/2021
Dr. Ning Cao of MossRehab talks about the risks of brain damage and how rehab can help.

What Are Common Causes of Brain Injury?

By on 03/18/2021
Brain injuries can be mild or severe. Here are common causes and tips to prevent them.

Therapist’s Dad Catches a Wave at They Will Surf Again

By on 08/29/2019
Paul Peacock was "thrilled" to take part in event after stroke rehab at MossRehab.

MossRehab Patient Finds True Healing Through Volunteerism

By on 07/26/2019
Giving to others gave Russell Cohen a sense of purpose.