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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Cardiology

Emergency Heart Pump Saves Him for Life-Changing Surgeries Ahead

By on 10/28/2020
Einstein cardiologist considered hospice, but sent Sean Temple for a left-ventricular assist device instead.
Bariatric Surgery Cardiology

Heart Pump, Then Weight-Loss Surgery Saved His Life

By on 09/25/2020
Einstein expertise allowed Antwine Stokes to get treatment despite his weakened condition and extreme obesity.
Bariatric Surgery

Bariatrics Team Offers Empathetic Care
for Often-Ignored Patients With Obesity

By on 05/01/2019
New website fills the gap with information on weight-loss surgery.
Bariatric Surgery

Controlling or Curing Diabetes With Gastric Surgery

By on 05/26/2016
Experts have acknowledged that gastric bypass surgery can help patients control or cure their diabetes. An Einstein bariatric surgeon comments.
Bariatric Surgery

Sugar Cravings After Weight-Loss Surgery

By on 04/17/2015
Sugar is not healthy for anyone, but it’s particularly dangerous if you’ve had bariatric surgery.