Matthew Behme, MD

Einstein Answers: Frequent Questions About Vaping

By on 08/01/2019

Vaping – inhaling nicotine turned into a vapor by electronic cigarettes – has become increasingly popular with all age groups, especially among teens.

Whether you use e-cigarettes, or someone you know does, you may have questions about the health risks associated with vaping.

In these videos, Matthew Behme, MD, Associate Director of the Department of Medicine at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, answers common questions about vaping. He also discusses concerns that medical professionals have when it comes to vaping, like its unknown safety record.

Click or tap below to watch the videos.

Why has vaping become so popular?

Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?

What is the biggest concern about the popularity of vaping?

What impact does vaping have on oral health?

Is it safe to vape before a procedure?



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