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Einstein Untold: Unsung Heroes and Unknown Stories

Einstein Untold: Stories Readers Loved in 2019

By on 12/23/2019
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Among the Einstein Healthcare Network’s 8,600 dedicated employees sit countless clinical and other staff members with compelling personal stories or little-known but essential jobs.

This year, writer Jill Porter set out to tell a few of those stories in Einstein Untold, a series of articles on the Einstein Perspectives blog. The series will continue in the New Year. For now, we look back on a few of those that drew the most interest from readers.

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1. He Cleans Up the Messy Aftereffects of Trauma

David Powell has a view of trauma that few people have: the aftermath. Literally. As an environmental services worker in Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia’s Emergency Department, his job is to clean up after the medical team is done.

The scenes he confronts in the trauma bay are sometimes gut-wrenching – rooms spattered with blood and strewn with bodily tissue and blood-soaked clothing. “It’s not like TV,” Powell says.

It’s something he’s seen nearly every day, sometimes more than once a day, in the 12 years he’s been at Einstein.

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2. Doctor’s Own Stethoscope Told Her She Had a Heart Problem

Aditi Kalla, MD, knew exactly why she was becoming tired and breathless when she walked up three flights of stairs to her apartment: she’d become a hypochondriac.

It was true that she had a mild case of asthma and was out of shape. But she also knew that young doctors were vulnerable to imaginary ailments; she’d applied for a cardiology fellowship at Einstein Healthcare Network, and now she had heart disease symptoms. She was too embarrassed to ask any of her colleagues to examine her. “I didn’t want people to think I was being crazy and imagining symptoms,” she said.

But the breathlessness and fatigue persisted. So one evening, while she was home alone, Dr. Kalla used her stethoscope to listen to her own heart. She heard the swoosh of a murmur. And that’s not all.

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3. Cardiologist Inhabits Both Worlds of Medicine and Art

While most people are said to favor one side of the brain over the other – the creative on the right or the scientific on the left – Nazanin Moghbeli, MD, fully inhabits both. She’s a cardiologist and an artist whose drawings on paper have been exhibited in commercial galleries.

When she took a leave from her medical practice in 2017 to work as an artist in Paris while her husband was on sabbatical there, Dr. Moghbeli wondered if she could one day become a full-time artist. But she missed being a physician. In particular, she missed connecting to patients and caring for them in the most vulnerable moments in their lives. She subsequently joined Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia as director of the Cardiac Care Unit.

Dr. Moghbeli believes the disciplines of art and medicine complement, rather than conflict with, each other.

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